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Complete Solution Including E&M and H&M Equipments

We at present provide Hydro-power Screw as a type of Hydro Turbine for use at suitable locations. Generally, Screw Turbine System consists of following E&M and H&M:

E&M Equipments:

     1) Hydro-power Screw
     2) Lower & Upper Bearings, Emergency Brakes
     3) Coupling Between turbine shaft & Gear Box
     4) Speed Increaser Gear Box
     5) Coupling both Gear Box and Generator
     6) Generator ( Induction Type / Synchronous Type)
     7) Suitable PLC Panel and Protection Panel

H&M Equipments:

     1) Fail Safe Type Hydraulically operated Sluice Gate
     2) Trash Rake (if required)
     3) Sluice Gate. Stop logs at bypass channels

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