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Hydro Power Screw

Hydro-power Screw is a reaction type of Hydro turbine which works on open atmospheric pressure and can be used for power generation by using the flow and available head.

The basic principle of Hydro-power Screw was invented by the Greek mathematician Archimedes. In ancient time they used the conveyor screw to bring water from lower to upper levels.

In our days the same principle is converted to produce electrical power. All what you need is a water flow and a head height. Compared with wind and solar power, these hydro-power screws can produce 24 h power.

a) For power generation at outfalls of Treatment Plants.
b) At available Falls in Canals
c) At Run of River locations
d) Additional power generation at falls after the draft tube in existing HEPs.
e) Other locations where fall is available with regular flow.

  • 24 h environment-friendly energy production
  • Implementation without harm to surrounding
  • No pollution /noise / dust / CO2 free
  • Short time return of investment
  • Very friendly to all the water animals
  • Simple high technology & efiiciency
  • High availability (24 h)
  • Use of idle capacities
  • Can generate power even with 20% of design discharge

Hydro Power Screw

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