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Solar Inverter

We offer Tier 1 class Indian manufacturer's make latest grid-tie inverters for on-grid system which are 97% efficient through the use of latest MPPT technology. This MPPT technology makes the solar power system so efficient that it is able to make nearly 30% extra solar power. These grid-tie solar inverters work on a wide range i.e. 15V - 500V for 1.5kVA - 5kVA and 200V to 850V for 10kVA to 50kVA inverters. It means that they are able to generate power even during period of low sunshine.

Dual MPPT - It means these inverters are able to harness solar power from two different arrangements of solar panel, say, both for East and South side installed panels.

Advanced MPPT Algorithm makes these inverters to generate power even when panels are half covered with shade.

They are weather free, easy to install with less maintenance and with the LCD screen & remote monitoring features.

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